About the project

ESS MAX IV in Southern Sweden - TITA is managed by Region Skåne in cooperation with all the municipalities of Skåne, Lund University, Invest in Skåne, ESS AB, Malmö University, Region Blekinge, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Blekinge Institute of Technology and co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund.

The project was launched in January 2010 and will be completed in December 2012. ESS MAX IV in Southern Sweden - TITA has a budget of approximately EUR 5.3 million.

In order to achieve growth and employment opportunities as a result of the establishment of the research facilities, all stakeholders in the region must work together to create the right conditions. This is done through nine sub-projects:

  • Relocation support
  • Marketing
  • Meeting point - Lund NE
  • Foresight
  • ESS and MAX IV as an innovation catalyst for trade and industry
  • ESS and MAX IV, a growth factor for local and regional businesses
  • Urban planning and transport infrastructure
  • Land availability register
  • Pilot study for competence supply needs


Read more about the sub-projects in the section 'project description'.

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