ESS MAX IV in Southern Sweden - TITA

The MAX IV and ESS reserach facilities will focus the eyes of the world on the Öresund Region. The two facilities will be ready in 2015 and 2019 respektively and will be used for advanced materials research, a science from which the whole world will benefit. Equally interesting is the impact the establishments will have on Skåne, the Öresund Region and Sweden with respect to growth, jobs and business start-ups.

A prelimenary study based on various regional development scenarios wascompleted in a previous project resulting in the report 'ESS in Lund - its effects on regional development'. Based on the findings of this report a new project has been initiated:

ESS MAX IV in Southern Sweden - TITA. TITA is the acronym for the Swedish words for growth, innovation, accessibility and attractiveness.

The purpose of the project is to use the establishment of the research facilities to stimulate growth, strengthen the innovation structure and promote accesibility and attractiveness in the region.

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